Saturday, September 27, 2008

Fall Colors

It is kind of sad when falls comes each year. Even though it is one of my favorite seasons. The geese can be heard as they prepare for their trip south. The gardeners are all busy getting things ready for the winter and for here...that is 6 months of snow and cold (sighhhhh). And I love to go for long walks with my camera and my "envelopes". The envelopes are for the collection of seeds (no ones back alley is safe...LOL).
Taking little jaunts through the bush trails I think is my favorite thing to do in the fall. The smell of the high bush cranberries is nearly intoxicating...and if lucky I get to hear the odd grunt of deer/moose/elk as it is nearing the rut. You know...I guess I should quit whining about winter here. Because in all honesty, by about the end of Oct, most are just waiting for that first snowfall! Of course by the end of Christmas, most are wishing for a Chinook to take it all away! I hope all are having a wonderful fall...and when you look up and see the geese flying over head, remember I sent greetings on their wings.