Thursday, June 11, 2009

It is warming up....finally!

It has been a long time coming...the warm weather that is. Everything here is so far behind. This time last year, I had the fish in the pond, flower beds finished and was just enjoying cutting the grass and trimming trees! I am one of the lucky ones though. Friends of mine lost everything they had due to frost. Lucky for me, it never made it up the hill. Where I live you are either on the flats or the hill. I am on the hill (obvious when you read previous statements).

The only thing that has really taken off in my yard are the weeds and the wild ferns. But that is only because I put the "pond muck" on them. I swear they grew 6 inches in a day! Great for the flowers...terrible for the hands. Ewww what a smell. But they say "You have to pay for the best things in life." My payment was smelling like an old slough for a few days! LOL. But it is all good.

One of my apple trees is covered in blossoms while the other may have a total of 10. I am not sure why this happens...any suggestions?? But hopefully I will have a good crop of apples in fall. That is as long as I don't get blight...which is hitting many of the trees here.

I am trying to decide what kind of tree I will have the City Planners plant in my front yard. I want something that will eventually provide shade for the house, but at the same time offers something for the birds. You see, 3 years ago, the City of Prince Albert cut down all the trees that were on the boulevard on my side of the street. All were well over 100 years old. At the time, they thought they had to cut them down to get to the water lines. They didn't...and after a few arguements, they admitted their error. Someone didn't read the map! But after widening the street, which they admitted they also did in error, it was found they couldn't replant. So in compensation, they have agreed that they will plant any tree of my liking in the front yard. Ergo...the big decision! So if anyone reading this has a suggestion or two...feel free to give them. I thank you ahead of time.

Saturday, April 4, 2009

It Has Been A While!

As the pictures will attest, we have been growing a special seedling of our own! Meet my Grandson Kaleb! Born March 14th...just before Spring. What timing!!! I caught a friend of mine telling him, "I hope you like the outdoors because your Grandma will have you digging in the garden before you are 2!" Oh how right she is!!
I am hoping to get some of the seeds I collected last fall started soon. It better be soon or I will be wanting for flowers in my yard! But I have come to the conclusion, with a gift such as my "little man"...there is no need to rush or even beat myself up about will all work out as it should.