Saturday, April 4, 2009

It Has Been A While!

As the pictures will attest, we have been growing a special seedling of our own! Meet my Grandson Kaleb! Born March 14th...just before Spring. What timing!!! I caught a friend of mine telling him, "I hope you like the outdoors because your Grandma will have you digging in the garden before you are 2!" Oh how right she is!!
I am hoping to get some of the seeds I collected last fall started soon. It better be soon or I will be wanting for flowers in my yard! But I have come to the conclusion, with a gift such as my "little man"...there is no need to rush or even beat myself up about will all work out as it should.


Laura said...

My birthday is also March 14; I'm thrilled to share it with such a beautiful baby! Congratulations on the new addition!

Avis said...

You should plant something (a tree or rosebush) in honor of your family's new addition. Congrats!

bjb said...

What a wonerful idea! I think I will lean towards something that will draw the birds...Kaleb is facinated by them! Thank you for the suggestion!