Friday, June 13, 2008

Just a Few Tips

I was asked the other day if I felt gardening was worth the pain. My answer to that is "You can bet your booty!" I find it not only a good form of exercise but it is very relaxing. But only if I "behave" myself.

Due to a fall from scaffolding, I am presently waiting for new knees and shin bones! Won't I be fancy!!! But I have found that I am unable to do many things that I could before. So...I have become a very imaginative gardener. Weeding is a toughie but with the use of a foam pillow and knee pads, I do just fine thank you! I am unable to reach quite as far as I used too and with the price of some long handled hand tools, I resorted to "coming up" with a few helpful ideas. For the long stretch, when I am on my knees, I use a pair of tongs. Salad for the just out of reach and BBQ for the ones that you have to grunt at. It is trial and error on the amount of wrist twist needed to pull them but that comes in time. And if I just can't seem to get a good grip, I just lob the top off. I figure no leaves, no photosynthesis and weed. I could be wrong but works for far!

One of my biggest problems is getting up after kneeling. For that I have old canes or walking sticks placed in various areas throughout the yard. At first I thought they looked rather goofy but after planting a climber or looks rather nice. And they don't stand out like a sore thumb. I also have a very sturdy hoe that goes with me everywhere. It works great for "climbing your way up to a standing position." Take my advice, don't use a telescopic tool....they can collapse and you end up doing a face plant in the dirt! Yes...I am experienced in a few of those.

And above all...remember that it will all get done. Eventually! My biggest set back is remembering to set myself limits. There is always tomorrow. There is no need to harm myself. And with the "always tomorrow" attitude, I always know I have a valid reason for mucking about in the dirt. And isn't that the main reason we garden? Yes to produce some beautiful flowers/plants but also to be allowed to revert back to our childhoods and play in the dirt! Have a wonderful gardening day!!