Saturday, August 9, 2008

The Battle of the Aphids...I think they are winning.

From what I am told, I am not the only one to be suffering the "invasion". My front flower beds and the Virginia Creeper I have growing up the side of the house are filled...and I mean FILLED with aphids. If you go out the door, you hear the little critters start to move. By the time you are down the step you are waving your arms like a maniac. I am sure my neighbors across the street think I have taken up some new type of dancing to go with the music that blares out of my daughter's bedroom window. OMG...I just realized...I have turned into my mother!!! Well there could be alot worse things. She was kinda cool lady.

I have consulted various other gardeners, books and even a nursery or two. And basically they have all suggested the same thing. Liquid dish soap and oil. So today I have tried it. If anything, the oil brings out a nice sheen to the leaves, petals and even the brick of the house. When Cala the Destructor tasted a wee puddle, she snorted and barked at nothing else, I think I have discovered a deterent to Cala and her ever digging feet and chewing face.

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