Monday, August 4, 2008

An Observation

I was at the lake the other day and noticed something that really has me bothered. Behind our cabin is forest preserve. And cropping up through out are delphiniums. We all know that they seed themselves on the wind. Though they are beautiful flowers, one of my favorites I might add, they are intrusive. Especially to an already fragile ecosystem. So, I feel it is necessary to remind many eager gardeners to remember. Think and plan not only your gardens, but the effects it will have on nature. I myself prefer the natural state of things at the lake...but for those that want to "beautify" try to keep it to your yard only. Ok...enough of my soap box. I hope all have a wonderful civic holiday (well at least those that celebrate the August long weekend).

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Northern Shade said...

You're right, some garden species are very invasive when they spread into the the surrounding wilderness, and out compete the native plants. I stay away from especially invasive species.
Some of the loosestrife hybrids were marketed as being less invasive than their notorious relative, purple loosestrife, but were later found to cause many problems too.