Thursday, May 22, 2008

Excuse my spelling....

It was pointed out to me that I made a mistake in spelling. But in my defense...I remember being told by various teachers that as I make my way through life, the best tool I can have is a dictionary! LOL. I stand is "sweet pea"...not "sweat pea". But if you really think about it. The person who does grow a "sweat pea" could be rich! Think of the sales to disgruntled employees who want to send home grown flowers to their bosses!!! But...I believe I will just stick with the "sweet pea"...and my pocket dictionary!


GardenJoy4Me said...

Oh my goodness .. another fellow Canadian gardener who needs their dictionary AND "spell check" close at hand .. thank you for the giggles here .. I loved that "sweat pea" explanation .. and I have used spell check twice here at least ! LOL

Laura said...

I think I was the one who pointed that out- I am soooo sorry about that! I have always been a stickler about spelling; usually I overlook it, but I think that day I was just trying to be funny about the smell of a "Sweat Pea" vs. "Sweet Pea"

I hope there's no hard feelings!