Wednesday, May 21, 2008

Just an Idea

I just wanted to share an idea. As we are all planning and planting our flower gardens, may I suggest saving a little spot for a fragrent, cut flower favorite. The sweat pea! I started what became a yearly tradition about 7 yrs plant sweat peas for the purpose of sharing the flowers with elderly people who live down the street. Every day in summer, the residents of a care home go on a walk past my home. It started one late spring with the comment "Oh what lovely flowers. I used to have a wonderful garden! I love the smell of sweat peas, do you have any?" Sadly I didn't. But they were soon planted and after a time there was an abundance of pretty, sweet smelling flowers, which I cut and took to the care home for their enjoyment. And as each one walked by, I would cut a couple of stems and give them to carry on their walks. The enjoyment given me by the looks on their faces was worth the little extra work. Now, every summer, there are my "friends" stopping by for a chat and for a flower. It has become a tradition that I would like to share with you. And...if there are none that walk by your house, you could always just cut a vase full and deliver! A shared garden is worth so much more!


Anonymous said...

What a wonderful tradition you have started.

Laura said...

Isn't it great that such a small thing can make someone's day?
I think though that you mean "Sweet Peas" - I can only imagine what "Sweat Peas" smell like!!!!

Terra farmer said...

What a sweet thought! Touching people's lives with fragrance from your garden.