Monday, May 26, 2008

I was just thinking....

I was taking a wee break from my gardening (my knee is just not what it used to be), sitting on a chair and looking at all the work that I still had to do. Which is a lot considering I live in Saskatchewan and we have such a short season. I sincerely believe that if I did live in an area that I could garden all year round, I wouldn't die working in it at a ripe old day my daughter or my friends would just look around and realize that I wasn't there. The only trace of me would be my old hat...laying beside a garden tool. I would have just...what it is the word...melted? Composted?? Right into the soil.

Ok...I wandered...what I was going to say is...I was thinking of the way I wanted this and that to be laid out...what plant where...and a thought came into my head. I rather wish I didn't have all the little garden fairies littering the back yard flower beds. There are times I wish I could just have...nothing. Just my flowers, bushes, vines, etc. Sometimes I would like to be able to look at my gardens and say, "Wow...just like a magazine." But then...I realized that I would never trade in my little statues for any chance of a magazine look-a-like. My daughter and my friends have all given them to me. It was their way of being included ...or becoming part of my little piece of paradise. As I looked around, I could put a name to each one. I remember their faces as they would hand me one and say, "I saw this and knew it just had to be in your garden." Or, "I hope you don't mind if I put this here. I don't have a garden/pond and I thought it was so cute." All my friends...and my daughter...will always be in my garden. When Punk (that is the nic name of my daughter) is older and away at university or even married and digging in a garden of her own, I will just have to look at one of the many statues she has given me and she will be close. A rather comforting thought .... I thought.

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