Sunday, May 4, 2008

Today will be my first Garden blog! I suppose the best thing would be to introduce myself. I am from Saskatchewan...little north of the Cental area. I love our forests, rivers and lakes. I am right on the Boreal Forest fringe so it only takes 20 minutes to be by lake edge and only about 5 minutes in a car to be rambling around the North Saskatchewan River.

Gardening is more of an obsession than a hobby. I love to try to "best" my previous year's floral display. My mind is always on the go when it comes to "designing" something different. This will be the forth year that I have had an everchanging backyard pond. Though I live in the city, (which I really hate), I am lucky enough to have quite a large yard! Every year I can be found digging and hauling to my heart's content. My daughter (who will be 16 yrs old this summer) is just starting to appreciate planting flowers and seeing the result of her labor. Last year, due to health issues, she was in charge of doing the major planting. While she did grumble, she became quite...what is the word I am looking for... protective? territorial? of the plants that she planted. This year, she has demanded her own little patch of have a partner now!

I look forward to charting the progress of my little piece of heaven and sharing it with the world. I wish all a productive spring and summer!

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Barbee' said...

Oh, that is wonderful about your daughter - cute! I hope you enjoy your blog as much as have mine, immensely. I found you on Blotanical and look forward to reading about your progress (or not) with your garden. We gardeners have a lot of ups and downs and we like to share our joys and complaints. Again, welcome!