Saturday, May 10, 2008

The Possibilities are Endless

Some may look at this and say "What a piece of worthless junk. Others, like myself, will say "Hmmmmmmm....". Well the Hmm's have it! I got this lovely piece of furniture from a friend as she was getting ready to throw it in the back of a truck...desination? The Dump! But my little pea sized mind started going. Just wait...if what I have planned actually works, the end result should be pretty nice. I love making use of another man's (or woman's...which ever the case may be) junk. Recycle/ motto. My daughter (who I refer to as "Punk") gets a little fed up with me...but after I am done painting she usually comes around.


Nancy J. Bond said...

I love wicker and rattan, or even the new look-alikes. I'll be interested to see the finished product!

Laura said...

Im always hunting the second hand shops for quirky finds. I love a good project! Have fun with yours :) I found your blog on Blotanical.